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Diana Panton - To Brazil with Love

Diana Panton - To Brazil with Love

22.90 SGD
" Each delightful track is an exquisitely manicured musical facet, set firmly in the Brazilian idiom and seamlessly sung in French and English by Panton. Her diaphanous vocal never insists and her high speed vibrato is like the beat of a hummingbird's heart - natural, untainted and pure. "
Lesley Mitchell-Clarke, Wholenote Magazine

Track List:
1. samba saravah
2. this happy madness
3. the telephone song
4. manha de carnaval
5. so nice
6. is it really you?
7. the night has a thousand eyes
8. dans mon ├«le
9. felicidade
10. tu sais je vais t'aimer
11. dreamer
12. and I love him
13. fais comme l'oiseau
14. que reste-t-il de nos amours